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The Garance Reggae Festival

The Garance Reggae Festival run last year, a poster on its 20th birthday. Still located on its base camp at Bagnol-On-Ceze, we enjoyed this famous festival, in fact, four days of madness to celebrate the event.

40 artists on four days, no less, with moments of grace with Studio One, Burning Spear, Jah Shaka, Twinkle Brothers, Midnite King Jammy and more. The organizers had prepared a complete poster, stirring all the energies in the presence of dub and reggae today. Well the challenge was successful, these four days were magical, as the general atmosphere, artists, and the public all shared a great time. It's 20 years of reggae and dub in 4 days in a village full Of vibes. It is music, reggae, which comes in multiple diversities with increasing modernity.

They expanded over last year including 2 trays, a Reggae oriented on the big stage at one end of the festival and a dub sound system tray on the opposite side. All framed by the festival village with shops of all kinds and small dining areas. A double arena of choice for four of the happiest days of reggae. We retrace here all the highlights of these four days waiting for the video editing expected soon.

The village opened the Garance Reggae Festival with an anthology of Warm Up on the big stage. Indeed, the Parisian Soul Stereo sound system was starting his set to heat, as it should, the massive beginning to arrive in the low sun of late afternoon.

We did not really expect to slide directly with the first part of Studio One. To celebrate 50 years of Coxonne and Studio One Soul Stereo they made the prowess to take us back 10 of the most iconic singers of the legendary Studio One originals to make them sing again. King Stitt Willie Williams, Francis Wiston in Prince Jazzbo or Dillinger et al.

Stepping Forward began to heat the first bass sound system. The pressure began to mount as reminders of the crew at the microphone and wicked tunes they played that night. Dub traditional pure steppa, the crew has a perfect style to begin this short week. The arrival of King Stitt on stage was the first time for an anthology of the festival, as the moment was sacred by many of us.

Rub a Dub Style Original King Stitt at the microphone to pick up three tunes with his so special echoes. Then old age pronounced Singer did not allow to take over the set to his account, but its syncopated style was still there, violent and powerful. And while the public took this moment as a piece of history as such moment is so rare. We ended the day at a steady pace Dawn Pen and Carlton Livingston to make way for Burning Spear, who had assembled in front of a revised two hours the heyday of Studio One in the raging of Fatta Soul Stereo Rico.

The third day showed its sly look in the first light when the sound of Jumbo Rock Sound resonated in the air of the early morning. Ganja Tree even let the mic to a Prince Jazzbo on the loose for us to enjoy the day. A tour on the festival grounds off at the Zion Garden, welcoming the festival in a site next to the festival, a program for mixing small enough varied sounds from all over France with references most recognized by fans. The atmosphere of good-time only encouraged us not to linger longer, as the day's program would be loaded. Indeed, the public began to arrive on the site to listen to the famous third day of the sound of famous reggae bands.

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