The International Farmer: Peter Broggs

Photo of Peter Broggs



Rastafari Liveth

You've Got To Be Wise

Jah Jah Voice Is Calling

Cheer Up

Rastaman Chant Nyahbingi

Just Can't Stop Praising Jah

Rise and Shine


Cease The War

Military Man

Don't Let The Children Cry

Just Because I'm A Rastaman

International Farmer

Leggo Mi Hand

400 Years

Vank Out

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Peter Broggs has always been a great singer and composer. From his first great album 'Progressive youth' to all the following great songs he wrote and recorded, he has never stopped to delight our ears.

After spending some time in Jamaica recently, he went to Amsterdam to record some new songs and he worked hard to created these new tunes in record time with his band. This is the nusicians he regularly play with.

After that followed a well deserved vacation in America, including New York where the trip started and Las Vegas where it ended. They enjoyed every minute of it and spent their last change playing blackjack and poker at the local casinos.

When we learned about of Peters recent health issues stroke the shock waves sparked us into action. It was immediately decided that all profit from this project should be donated to Peter Broggs and his family as an assistance in his continuing struggle back to health. We wish him the fastest and most complete recovery as soon as possible. And he will make new tunes in no time.

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