The International Farmer: Peter Broggs

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Solo Albums Compilation Albums
Rastafari Liveth

Rastafari Liveth, 1981, RAS Records (RAS3001)

A Reggae Christmas
A Reggae Christmas, 1982, RAS Records (RAS3101)
Rise and Shine

Rise And Shine, 1982, RAS Records (RAS3011)

RAS Sampler 1
RAS Sampler, 1984, RAS Records (RAS3301)
Cease The War

Cease The War, 1984, RAS Records (RAS3022)

RAS Sampler II
RAS Sampler II, 1986, RAS Records (RAS3302)

Reasoning, 1986, RAS Records (RAS3051)

MUP:  Reggae From Around The World
MUP: Reggae From Around The World, 1989, RAS Records (RAS3050)
Reggae In Blues

Reggae In Blues, 1993, Golden Harvest Records

Reggae For Kids 1
Reggae For Kids I, 1990, RAS Records (RAS3095)
Peter Broggs Sings For The Children

Peter Broggs Sings For The Children, 1993, Golden Harvest Records

Reggae Jamdown:  The RAS Tapes
Reggae Jamdown: The RAS Tapes, 1990, Rykodisc (20151)


Rejoice, 1997, RAS Records (RAS3178)
The RAS Story
The RAS Story, 1990, Orchard Lane Records (Rare, Out-of-Print)
Progressive Youth
Progressive Youth (Reissue), 1997, RAS Records (RAS3183)
Dub For Daze
Dub For Daze, 1996, RAS Records (RAS3504)
RAS Portraits
RAS Portraits: Peter Broggs, 1997, RAS Records (RAS3304)
Crucial Reggae
This Is Crucial Reggae
Jah Golden Throne
Jah Golden Throne, 2000, Jah Warrior Records (JWCD017)
Las Vegas
Rare Las Vegas Reggae (Best of Studio One, Volume II), 1999, Gamble (HB225)
Jah Golden Throne Dubwise
Jah Golden Throne Dubwise, 2000, Jah Warrior Records (BSI022-2)
Jah Warrior Showcase
Jah Warrior Showcase, 1999, Jah Warrior Records (JWCD015)
Never Forget Jah
Never Forget Jah (The Early Years 76-86), 2001, Motion Records/Nocturne (NTCD112)
Rootical Vibrations
Rootical Vibrations, 2001, VictoryWorld/Jah Warrior Records (VR148)
Reggae For Kids (Movie Classics)
Reggae For Kids (Movie Classics), 2001, RAS Records (RAS3258)
      Style Scott Presents: RAS Showcase, 2000, EFA Records (39803)

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Peter Broggs has always been a singer deserving respect. From the release of the now legendary debut LP 'Progressive youth' in the late seventies right through today, Peter has constantly produced great music play.

Peter had just spent some time back in his home country of Jamaica, looking better than ever when he visited Holland recently, working hard at the recording studio to create new tunes.

He then traveled to Las Vegas where he performed at some of the smaller casinos. The Sin City is not really a place where Reggae is the favority type of music as they prefer Broadway and Music Hall, so this was a unique chance. The band also enjoyed some roulette and poker at the local casinos.

When I heard of Peters recent stroke the shock waves sparked us into action. It was spontaniously decided that all profit from this project should be donated to Peter Broggs and his family as an assistance in his continuing struggle back to health. We wish him a fast and complete recovery as soon as possible.

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